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The Judaism of Tomorrow
My Rav Kook
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#5 The Holographic Oneness of Knowledge
8Collections 3:69; Glimmerings of Holiness 1:22

One of the painful problems of Man's spiritual world

is that each branch of knowledge,

scientific and emotional,

hinders his experience of the other branch.

And, due to this, most people are left incomplete, one-dimensional,

and their negative deficiencies keep increasing [over time].

The blackout that each branch of knowledge casts darkly on its fellow

also causes a person to relate with absolute antagonism towards

the subject that is hidden from his sight,

the one that belongs to a different branch of knowledge,

so distant from him in its categories of thought1.

This defect cannot last forever.

And the future of Mankind will surely arrive,

when [Man] will evolve to a spiritual state so powerful2

that not only will one branch of knowledge not hide the other,

but from each scientific fact and from every feeling,

there will be visible the whole scientific ocean and the entire emotional deep.

Just as [this holographic relation] is the case in true reality;

for it is absolutely impossible for any spiritual creation in the world

to stand as an entity unto itself,

on the contrary, each is saturated with the all.

It is only our blocked perception that makes it impossible to see the particulars

– of any kind of content –

as suffused with the entirety of spiritual existence.

But with Man’s rising his eyes will open to see truly:

then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unblocked3

and Earth will be filled with Godknowing like water covers the sea4.

עברית +/-


  1. ‘Arachim can mean ‘values’ as well as ‘dictionary entries’; Rav Kook is including categories of thought as well as vocabulary and jargon: the grid of perception through which each discipline views and understands the universe. Back to text
  2. Eitan contains the nuance that the power restored by ’eitan is one’s original power: one’s essence, one’s original, normal condition. This is how God created him. Man, healthy, perceives the world with clarity, with no grids, and experiences its oneness and the oneness of all ways of knowing it. Original, Edenic Man – before buying into the distinction of good and evil by biting into the apple and dividing the world and himself into two – surveyed the world with Onesight. Back to text
  3. Is. 35:5 Back to text
  4. Is. 11:9 Back to text
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