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The Judaism of Tomorrow
My Rav Kook
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#13 The Readiness of the World for Higher Answers
8Collections 2:2; Glimmerings of Penitence 4:10; Patches of Clarity 1

The outrageous behavior that characterizes the Era of the Messiah’s Approach1 comes about

because the world has already become ready enough to demand an understanding

of how all particulars are connected to the universal,

and any particular left unconnected to the big picture2

cannot satisfy the human mind.

And if the world had engaged with Torahlight to this extent,

that its spiritual soul had grown to the point

of recognizing the connection of [all] particulars to spiritual universals,

the return [to God] and the healing of the world would already have emerged into actuality.

But because negligence has brought about the situation

that the light of inner Torah,

which is laden with the majesty and holiness of self,

did not appear in the world as it should have,

this demand for a life-model

in which all particulars become understandable through their connection to the universal

comes at a time when the full revelation of the light,

and the paving of the road towards this understanding,

has not yet happened,

and it is this that is the source of the terrible destructiveness [of the Era].

And we must use the highest remedy,

which is increasing the power of our spiritual skill,

until the road to understanding and imagining the connection

between all [particular] topics of Torahitic ideas and practices

and the highest universal principle

becomes something explainable,

and is offered [to people] in a direct way, in tune with the perception of ordinary souls.

And then will the spiritual life-force resurge and appear in the world,

in action and in wisdom,

and universal penitence will begin to yield its fruit.

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  1. HaChutzpa d‘Ikveta deMeshicha. Sota 9:15, Shir haShirim Rabba 2:13, “In the era of the Messiah’s approach, chutzpa will be exalted.” The era’s name is based on the phrase ‘ikvot meshichecha in Ps. 89:52. Back to text
  2. Hagodel haKelali, literally, ‘the all-inclusive greatness.’ Back to text
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