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The Judaism of Tomorrow
My Rav Kook
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#18 The Nature and Role of the Jewish People
8Collections 2:157; Patches of Clarity 56; Glimmerings 138

The Congregation of Israel is the concentrated essence of all existence,

and, in this world, this essence appears in the actual Israelite Nation,

in her physicality and her spirituality,

in her geneology and her faith.

And the history of the Jewish People1 is the ideal essence of universal history;

and there is no movement in the world, amongst all nations, every one,

whose pattern cannot be found in Israel.

And [Israel’s] faith is the refined essence of all faiths

and the source that abundantly streams forth goodness and idealism to all faiths;

and [Israel’s faith] is itself the force that clarifies all concepts of belief,

ultimately bringing them to the level of a clear language

for all [human beings] to use to call upon the Name of God.2

And your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, will be called Lord of all the Earth.3

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  1. VehaHistoria haYisra’elit, literally, ‘Israelite or Israeli history.’ Back to text
  2. Zeph. 3:9 Back to text
  3. Is. 54:5 Back to text
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