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The Judaism of Tomorrow
My Rav Kook
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#22 The Holiness of Subjectivity: Your Inner Knowings
8Collections 1:262; Glimmerings of Holiness 1:96

It is necessary to explain the exaltedness of studying the secrets of Torah

together with the requirement to honor the inner knowings1 of the human being,

who is the foundation of the world.

And the entire decline in the decreasing valuation of inwardness in our world,

which increasingly values the culture of externality,

comes from this formula:

the more that a culture's valuing of externality increases,

the more the human eye fixes on discerning the external,

and the more it disregards inner knowing;

and as a result of this, the true value of the human being dwindles and declines.

And the redemption of the world depends on elevating the value of inner knowings,

which emerge and shed light by means of immense, profound processing,

which [processing] itself is the fascinating engagement with the secrets of Torah,

with holiness and purity,

with humility and spiritual courage.

עברית +/-


  1. Hahakarot haPnimiyot shel ha’Adam. Hakara means ‘consciousness, awareness, recognition’: hakarot is its plural. ‘Knowings’ is the noun I made up to include all these to describe the signal, the feeling, the click, the flash or scrunch in your innerspace when you understand or become aware of something from inside; when something is true and real for you in a way no brain-knowledge can contradict; you have a knowing, or a unity between or amongst knowings. You get it: it’s yours. Back to text
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