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The Judaism of Tomorrow
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#33 Teshuva: The Song of Natural Processes
Glimmerings of Penitence 5:4

The spirit of Teshuva shimmers1 in the world2,

and gives [the world] its core character and its impulse to evolve;3

and with its fragrant spices, [Teshuva] makes [the world] delightful4,

providing all its talent for beauty and adornment.

עברית +/-


  1. Teshuva is the yearning for oneness, for wholeness, that permeates the world. Wholeness-seeking behavior operates everywhere in creation, opposites uniting to form new wholes. One-ing is the ongoing activity of the universe. Back to text
  2. Merachef ba‘Olam. Biblically, the hif‘il form of the root r-chet-f always takes the preposition ‘al (‘over, above,’ e.g., Gen. 1:2 and Deut. 32:11), and means to hover over, flutter over, move like a bird above its nest. Rav Kook uses the preposition ‘in,’ conveying the there-but-not-there spirit of Teshuva as a living, perceptible ever-presence in the world; ‘shimmer’ seeks to convey this. Back to text
  3. See Glimmering #7, “Holomovement: Evolution Towards Oneness/Goodness.” Back to text
  4. Me‘aden, literally, ‘makes [the world] Edenic.’ Back to text
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