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The Judaism of Tomorrow
My Rav Kook
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#34 Teshuva: The Ultimate Phase of Evolution
Glimmerings of Penitence 5:3

It is inevitable that the world will arrive at a full return to God.1

The world is not static, it is continuously evolving,

and true, complete evolution must bring the world to its ultimate created state,

material and spiritual [health]2,

and this will bring the radiance of living the turnaround3 along with it.

עברית +/-


  1. Teshuva sheleima. Back to text
  2. Beri’ut, health, comes from the same root as ‘to create’ (bara’). Rav Kook means the world recovering from its divisions and returning to its perfect, originally created state: oneness of being, the state of “very good” (Gen. 1:31). See Glimmering #7, “Holomovement: Evolution Towards Oneness/Goodness,” where Rav Kook identifies the ultimate goal of evolution as the absolute Good. Back to text
  3. ’Or chayei haTeshuva. Back to text
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