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The Judaism of Tomorrow
My Rav Kook
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#40 Don’t Misunderstand Where You Are on the Journey
8Collections 1:299; Glimmerings of Penitence 13:6

When a person wants all his senses and faculties to become holy all at once,

to keep up with the spiritual leaps of his rising consciousness,

and, similarly, [when he wants] all his behavioral defects to get straightened out immediately,

and perfected into absolute rectitude,

he isn’t giving himself any way-station,

and he won’t be able to strengthen his will to stride the road of true wholeness.

Rather, [this is how it works]:

the main thing, which contains everything else, is rising consciousness,

amplifying the light of Torah,

and penitence in practice will soon follow,

at first, relating to things in the future,

and then, relating to matters in the past that are easily mended,

and then the zone will expand to even include matters whose repair is difficult;

and this is how he will progress,

rising as he goes,

until he succeeds in healing everything;

but [in the meantime],

he must not let anything [including un-finished Teshuva in practice]

throw him off his spiritual stride

aimed towards that inner level to which his own soul within is summoning him.

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