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The Judaism of Tomorrow
My Rav Kook
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#46 Using Every Modality for Raising the Spirit
Glimmerings of Penitence 14:29

Everything helps in raising [a person’s] spirit to higher Teshuva:

all of Torah,

all of science,

every physical ability,

all knowledge of the world and of life;

every human interaction,

every form of honesty and justice.

And when a person feels the fear of inner shame,

a defilement of body and soul,

he must, using every capacity he has,

meticulously examine1 all the aspects of his shortcoming and correct them;

and he must not engage in this process in a superficial way,

for then he will add descent to his descent,

but with deep, penetrating attention and pure spiritual courage.

עברית +/-


  1. Ledakdek, the pilpel form of d-kuf-kuf, ‘to crush, pulverize, make into very small pieces,’ means ‘to examine minutely, investigate carefully and meticulously.’ See Glimmering #38, “Inner and Outer Modes of Teshuva: Recognizing Yours,” for the first analytic division. Back to text
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